Welcome to the Homepage of the Lubbock Hubbers! The Lubbock Hubbers are a proposed team in the Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs. The Pecos League is an independent professional baseball league Headquartered in Houston, Tx. which operates in cities in desert mountain regions throughout New Mexico, Southern Colorado and West Texas. Pecos Teams play in cities that do not have Major or Minor League Baseball teams and is not affiliated with either. The Pecos League is where the Land of Enchantment meets the Lone Star State. The league's high power offenses are fueled by high altitudes and smaller ballparks. The Pecos League is home to high altitude baseball where our average elevation is 4870. Our players come from all over the US and all over the world and are a combination of rising stars, falling stars, shooting stars and athletes with stars in their eyes. Our communities take tremendous pride in their teams.
The Pecos League believes the Lubbock Texas would be an ideal city for a team in the Pecos League. With the expansion of the Pecos League to 9 teams in Bisbee Arizona, Lubbock is a possiblity for the 10th city.

Current these teams are in the Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs: (Alpine Cowboys, Bisbee Blue, Douglas Diablos, Las Vegas Train Robbers, Raton Osos, Roswell Invaders, Santa Fe Fuego, Taos Blizzard, Trinidad Triggers, and White Sands Pupfish).

The Hubbers would also consider splitting the schedule between Lubbock and Plainview. Texas Tech's Baseball Field is not available. The Pecos League does not currently play on artifical turf fields. The Best available facility in Lubbock is Max O'Banion Field.

The Pecos League would need a viable ballpark to play home games in for the 2014 season and beyond. The Hubbers would hire a front office staff, field manager and sign all of their players in time for Spring Training in 2014. The Pecos League will be searching for a host hotel, host families, stats crew, volunteers and mascots.
The old Lubbock Hubbers
The Lubbock Hubbers were a minor league baseball team based in Lubbock, Texas, USA that existed on-and-off from 1922 to 1956. They played in the West Texas League (1922, 1928), Panhandle-Pecos Valley League (1923), West Texas-New Mexico League (19381942, 19461955) and Big State League (1956). They were affiliated with the Chicago White Sox (19381941), Detroit Tigers (19461947), Denver Bears (1954) and Baltimore Orioles (1956).[1] Over the course of their existence, they won multiple league championships. Their first came in 1923 under manager Sled Allen. In 1938 and 1939, they won back-to-back championships under Hack Miller and Salty Parker, respectively. They won their final league championship in 1947 under manager Jackie Sullivan.
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